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Finding Your Voice

We all have stories, not only do they define us, they are what connect us to each other. Stories are how we make sense of the world. How we find our purpose, our partners, our projects. 

Stories are your greatest asset. Understanding how to access them and learning how to tell them with emotion, specificity and intention is the key to unlocking your true power.

Blind Tiger Tellers will help you craft your stories mindfully and deliver them authentically. Whether you need to motivate your team, activate your donors, energize your students, or give an unforgettable wedding toast, Blind Tiger Tellers will help you develop the skills and confidence to make storytelling work for you.



In far too many corporate settings blending in becomes the norm – but actually, you were hired to standout. Showing your stripes takes courage and also some strategy.  Our corporate storytelling workshops and retreats will give you both.

Together, we’ll discover and develop the stories that align and resonate with your mission, project, purpose or campaign, and as a result build confidence, connection and improved presentation and networking skills.



Tigers aren’t the cats that roar the loudest – their roars are less overwhelming and more like a well-crafted sentence of clear and concise direction.

So, let’s start roaring like tigers.  Our non-profit storytelling workshops and retreats will help your fundraising teams, board of directors and devoted volunteers design and deliver their personal stories to raise awareness and revenue for your organization.


Camp & Classroom

Tigers might not be able to change their stripes – and maybe they don’t have to.  Truth is all tiger stripes are unique - no two have the same pattern. Just like our stories.  

Camps & Classrooms collaborates with childcare organizations serving children ages 6 through 18 to help them find their voice and confidently connect with others.  


Why Stories?


Stories Are Important 

We all have them.  Your business.  Your organization.  Your team.  And you.  As long as there have been people there have been stories.  From cave paintings to TED Talks, stories both describe our histories and shape our futures.  Sharing stories is one of the most powerful ways to convey purpose and connect with others.   When you want to inspire, influence, and make your mark, start with a story.


“I never imagined that sharing one story would make such a positive and profound difference both at work and in my career.”



- Ben Flagg, VERTEX Pharmaceuticals

Upcoming Events


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  • 2019

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  • Sara is competing in The Moth GrandSlam Tuesday, March 26th at the Cutler Majestic Theater in downtown Boston ***Each ticket purchase includes a copy of The Moth's new book, Occasional Magic: True Stories About Defying The Impossible! Due to be published on March 19, 2019, this collection is drawn from the best stories ever told on The Moth stage. Books will be distributed on the night of the GrandSLAM





  • Amanda is performing at the Farrington Nature Linc for FUGITIVE STORIES at an amazing outdoor venue complete with a campfire (weather permitting). Friday, September 14 $12 online  $15@door / Storytelling starts at 7:30pm *THEME = ROOTED*

  • Sara and Amanda are teaching a two day storytelling workshop for beginners at the Fruitlands Museum!! The last weekend in September, please go to FRUITLANDS MUSEUM for more information on making your reservation today. 


  • Sara is performing 8/23 for Fugitive Stories at the Kickstand Cafe in Arlington, MA $10 / $12 door Show starts at 7:30PM *THEME = TIME OUT*


  • Sara is performing in the Moth MainStage at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square TICKETS ARE EXPENSIVE :( BUT WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY Friday, June 15th



  • Sara is honored to be performing 4/18 at the April installment of Starstruck at the Rockwell in Davis Sq. FREE! Doors 6:30 / Show starts at 7PM *THEME = Stories of when you met a celebrity and everything went WRONG. In Sara's case, that's a series of unfortunate events with Mr. Billy Joel*

  • Sara is performing 4/29 for Fugitive Stories at the The Gallery at Villageworks in Acton, MA $10 / $12 door Show starts at 6PM *THEME = Bad Timing*

  • Sara will be the featured guest on the next edition of the podcast Thanks Cancer!


  • Amanda is performing at the MetroWest Subaru Partnership Event in appreciation of their customers who raised over $75K for the Life Is Good Kids Foundation!!! *THEME = Getting There*


  • Sara and Amanda are performing 2/22 for Fugitive Stories at the Kickstand Cafe in Arlington, MA $10 / $12 door Along with the incredible Bethany Van Delft. Show starts at 7:30PM *THEME = What I Did For Love*